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High pressure gas explosion water shape

THE gas explosion water shape by using high pressure air as power source. It can start at the instant of the 1-3 seconds to launch the water to the 20 to 40 m, accompanied by a loud noise at the same time, when group working can be formed when running fountain effect, majestic and impressive especially for multimedia water fountain show the climax of the rhythm .Las Vegas fountains and Dubai fountain also use gas explosion water shape to be the main water shape . THE gas explosion water shape Is the main type of water in the water show projects at home and abroad.

Brand Name: SeaFountain
Model Number: seafountain-gas jet
Stone Garden Product Type: Fountains
material: stainless304
pressure: 10-30kg
power source: high pressure
height: 20-40m (depend on pressure)
voltage: 220v/380v
waterproof: IP64
speed: 1-2 second
application area: big lake fountain show /large water pool
gas jet fountain at site


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