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fountain control system

Control system:
Music fountain control system developed by our company is combined with industrial control computer, audio controller, inverter, control cabinet of five.System control process: industrial control computer as the control center, the whole system program and control program is loaded. When playing music fountain, the control commands and data by industrial string and transmitted to the audio controller, then through audio controller processing after the transmission to the next level control equipment, inverter, soft starter, control cabinet. Then, control the equipments such as pumps and underwater lights by the control equipment.

Over the years my company has been using industrial control computer as the system control machine, mainly because it has a stable performance, high speed, dustproof, shockproof and low requirements for environmental conditions etc. Although the industrial computer is a bit expensive, but the use effect of many years proved that our choice is correct. At the same time, industrial control interface can also give the fireworks start signal of control equipment and make the fireworks and waterscape control complement each other.

Two Audio controller
    Music fountain, the success of failure of the most important is whether there is a music flow. Audio controller’s main function is to music signal processing, and then processed signal transmission control device to the next level, that is to control the water type according to the rhythm of the music, the music fountain really reached the underwater ballet artistic effect. The control device is a key component of imported goods, can increase or decrease in capacity, good compatibility, low failure rate, durable and easy to maintain. 


Three Transducer

    Adopts frequency converter for motor control is the company a mature and advanced control technology. Audio decoder board, the company I used to analyze the composition of music signal, identify the frequency, amplitude, envelope, such as information, through these information control frequency converter, indirectly control work frequency of the pump, so as to achieve the water column can be as the tempo of the music of the high and low, and the ups and downs, the music fountain special artistic effect.

Four Control cabinet
    Control cabinet for submersible pump, underwater light switch driver. Control cabinet of the core components mainly USES the semiconductor silicon controlled rectifier control circuit and it has a long life, small volume, no noise, low cost, good heat dissipation, and correct action. etc.


Five Power distribution cabinet

    A special distribution system designed by our company, it is more suitable for waterscape operation characteristics. According to the nature of the number, distribution of power and load control, power distribution ark can provide the power supply circuit for each controller respectively. Have to ground at the same time, the distribution of zero leakage protection, over-current protection, open phase protection, strong fire, remote control, and other functions. Corresponding to the number of control cabinet design using power distribution cabinet. Also need to point out that the water distribution system shall be provide using utility of independent variable pressure equipment, and provide a tank and the corresponding compensation cabinet.

Six Software system explain


The music fountain control software is developed by this company. In the domestic fountain is unique. The software by the music fountain has editing system, broadcasting system, debugging the system. Let me make a brief introduction of its powerful functions.
1) Music fountain broadcasting system
Into the broadcast system, layout clear fountain in front of us, every pump, each set of lights has a corresponding, unified symbol. As long as easy to use the mouse to click the play button, can broadcast music fountain. At the same time, the computer can be synchronous display fountain real-time movement situation, from the monitoring system. Broadcast system has both day and night, broadcast way lights automatically shut down during the day, also can only open a music fountain. When a system failure occurs (such as power lack of phase, under-voltage), computer control interface can send out alarm prompt, hardware locking at the same time, in order to avoid damage to the personal safety and production of all control equipment

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