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waterproof light 120mm

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Item: LED underwater light Brand: SUNRISE Light source: LED
Voltage: AC/DC12V-24V
Color: R,G,B,Y,W,RGB Protection: IP68 CCT: 2700K-7000K
Beam angle: 30/60° P.F.: <80% - 85% Lifespan: 50000hours
Material: Stainless steel body + tempered glass mask & silicone ring
Work efficiency: <85% Work frequency: 50-60Hz
Ambient temperature: -40 ~ +55°C Adapter: AC driver laid in
Control model: Self-control / Remote control


Number of chips  (PCS) D1(mm) D2(mm) H (mm) weight (kg)
120G-3W 3×1W 3 120 80 120 0.8
120G-9W 3×3W 3 120 80 120 0.8
120G-5W 5×1W 5 120 80 120 0.8
120G-6W 6×1W 6 120 80 120 0.8


--  Adopting high power LED with multiple chips as light source;

--  Low working voltage, safe and reliable; Low power consumption and good color saturation;

--  Stainless steel as housing, high waterproof rank IP68 can work  under water for a lasting long time;

--  Energy saving up to 80% higher than traditonal lamp;

--  Easy installation and removal, free maintenance;

--  Green, envionmental protection, low carbon;

--  No UV or IR radiation, no hazardous substances.

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